Web Design

Mr. Lawrence John Green begs to inform the public of Brisbane, Queensland, and Australia in general, that he is hereby offering the design of web pages, websites, WordPress things and other services of a digital nature to all forward thinking business owners and proprietors. To see some of the work he has created recently you may visit his portfolio of work here. To hastily enquire about a custom website designed for your business, you may contact Mr. Green here.

A general welcome is proffered to all who have perchanced upon this World Wide Web page. It is the work of a Designer of the Web who has been plying his craft around the world for the last fifteen years or so. To learn more about the person who is writing this in third-person, you may cast your pupils in this direction.

Lawrence was absolutely AMAZING to work with! The website he designed and coded for us is nothing short of fabulous. If you are looking for one of the best web designers out there - Lawrence is your guy!

Brand & Logo Design

First and foremost in the art of capturing your customers attention is the visual style of your marque, or what is commonly known as a logo.  You want to catch their eye with outstanding colours and typography relevant to the brand values you wish your business to portray. Indeed, it would make little sense if your tailoring company were to have a pictograph of a steam engine next to it!
Equally important is the art of naming your business or product appropriately. As the advertisement above exemplifies so well, the use of satirical remarks in your phrasing could work the miraculous trick of persuading your buyer right into your arms! Why be a hard-working washerwoman with your old fashioned washing board when you could boil your clothes – like a witch – and be done with it! Brand magic! To be branded likewise, visit Lawrences contact page here!


Copywriting is the art of crafting readable and effective copy to help you sell your various things. The words you choose to represent your business and your product are paramount in selling those things which you wish to sell! You can kindly request Mr. Green for some copywriting work by means of electronic mail here!

Lawrence was fantastic. His creative writing skills are excellent and was great to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for web design and creative writing work.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Photography Brisbane

The future is here! Travel through rooms without leaving your chair! Walk up and down hallways without lifting a foot. See the private quarters of sleeping chambers from your very own residency! If you would like your dazzling property photographed in a manner whereby anybody anywhere can float through your apartment like a ghost – request a visit to your location by pressing your mouse here (or check out a virtual tour example here).