I have 15+ years experience in web design and development – from Melbourne to Dubai to Chiang Mai to Brisbane, which I now call home.

Career-wise, I have worked in several web design agencies, a few advertising agencies and one public relations firm. I have also spent many years in the capacity as a freelance web designer, logo designer, copywriter and brand namer.

Some of the big names I have done work for include the likes of Sprite, Fanta, VW, Volvo, The Economist, Lux, Lipton and more.

Other than that, I write acoustic-grunge-rock kinda music in my spare time as a singer/songwriter (though I am still working on the singing bit)…

The name “Lawrence of Australia” came from a joke many years ago but after I spent several years in Dubai it kinda became true, so I’ve kept it as a brand name because it’s pretty memorable and people tend to chuckle at it still.

The idea behind the latest homepage (07/20) was borne from browsing through the Trove, a newspaper archive from the Queensland State Library. Finding old articles about Brisbane inspired both the writing and layout of the homepage and, well, I think it’s alright. For now.

Well, enough about me.

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Freelance Brisbane Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Logo Designer, Copywriter & Virtual Tour Photographer.

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