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I’ve been a web designer since pretty much the start of the internet. I'm a designer first, front-end coder second. But I'm also pretty good at logo designing, brand creation and copywriting, among other things...

I started off as a freelance web designer in Melbourne, designing and building dozens of websites for a few agencies until I got a lucky break and was offered a job in Dubai. Some of the more prominent moments there involved designing the Indian Premier League’s website in 2008, being flown to Kuwait twice to present designs for a massive financial institution, and working on large, well-known brands such as Sprite, Fanta, VW, Volvo, Lipton, Lux, The Economist and many others.

I also maintained my freelance work on the side, so by the time it was time for me to leave Dubai, I had a bunch of freelance clients which enabled me to live by the mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand for several years. Here I worked on websites from the United States to Zimbabwe. Distance, of course, is not an issue for online work.

Eventually the call to come home brought me back, just in time for the pandemic! Acclimatised to hot and humid weather now, Brisbane seemed the best choice, which it definitely turned out to be as when the pandemic hit, we remained pretty much unscathed.

Now I work from my little home near Bundaberg on the lower central coast of Queensland where I also play a bit of guitar and drums, and procrastinate about becoming a painter one day.

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About the name...

The name “Lawrence of Australia” came from a joke many years ago but after I spent several years in Dubai, the whole “of Arabia” thing kinda became true, so I’ve kept it as a brand name because it’s pretty memorable and people tend to chuckle at it still: 2 good qualities for a good brand name.

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