Top Quadrant

The main task of this project, besides from making the website look good, was to present their information, which is very tech-heavy, in an easier to digest manner. Some good information architecture as well as some javascript animations brought the website out into a modern and fresh rendition.

Vintner’s Secret Winery

The old website for this lovely winery in Childers, Queensland, needed a thorough makeover. Utilising the rustic creativity that the owners used themselves throughout their winery, I designed and developed this beautiful website. It is built with WooCommerce too, ready to take orders. So go and check it out!

Prevent Nuclear Holocaust

Prevent Nuclear Holocaust

This was a job for an American man with a passion for nuclear disarmament. It was a design collaboration of sorts, with me providing the initial layout and colour scheme, and John tweaking every nook and corner of the page designs to get them exactly how he wished. An interesting project, that’s for sure.

Hexicom Software

Hexicom’s website needed an overhaul. Being very heavy with content, the challenge was to take all the information and create a website that looked modern and dynamic. Utilising the bright blues and oranges, and a hexagonal branding shape, the site was brought to back to life, ready to take on new leads and business for its very busy future!

Custom Analytics

A brand new design for a brand new business that deals in analytics, strategy and market intelligence. The main challenge was how to make “analytics” look good.

Lisa McGuigan Wines

To design and build an outstanding website for Lisa McGuigan Wines, based in Hunter Valley, NSW. The design was made for Noise Agency.