Before Flotty was a name, it was a thing. One of those flat, water-mat-type-floaty-things. They asked me to come up with a catchy name for this particular kind of floaty thing aimed at a decisively Australian audience. Using our love for nicknames, and discovering that ‘Floaty’ was already taken (and a bit boring), I opted for Flotty – short for, flat-floaty thing!

This idea carried on into the logo which I created for them wherein you see elements of fun, floaty mats and water all entwined in a nice, blue marque.

I then designed their simple, one-page, e-commerce website and built it in WordPress. I wrote most of the copy too :)

Tasks Performed:

Logo Design
Web Design
WordPress Build.
Responsive Development.

Lawrie made our new site look both fun and professional. We wanted specifically someone who had an artistic eye and were not disappointed! Thank you!

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