Stock Music

I wrote these songs in 2018 when I was trying to divert my career away from web design and into writing stock music – the kind of music you hear in YouTube videos and promos and what not. I spent months learning how to do it, recording and creating them, attempting to master them, but of course, no money was coming in. After 4 songs were rejected by AudioJungle in a row, and 3 or so months down the drain, I decided I better not do this anymore and go back to trying to make some money in web design before my wife leaves me.

In July 2020 I listened to them again and quite liked them. Why let them sit unopened on my hard drive, forsaken and forlorn, when they can be heard by people with ears? I know they’re not the best quality but that might make them more interesting.

The titles are definitely clickbait. I wanted something that would stand out in the boring stock music market. Rather than “Sporting tune for marketing”, I would rather click on something like “Driving Over Campers’ Tents” or “Football With Heads”. But that’s just me. So enjoy.

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